Yue Business Vacuum Cup

Product Description

Business Yue vacuum cup, a new tea separation structure, let tea users control the concentration, health joy.

Even when you are on a tired business trip, you can easily drink tasteful tea.

Yue business vacuum cup is specially designed for business travelers .

Technical Parameters

Production nameYue  business vacuum bottle
ColorGold ,blue,sliver
MaterialTritan、SUS304 、 Food grade PP
Packing16 pcs/carton
Heat preservation6h≥46.5℃
FeatureBusiness, Eco-Friendly, Large Capacity, Portable, Stocked
Certificate:LFGB,SGS, FDA

Product Details

Yue Business Vacuum Cup

Subvert tradition, invert tea bottle

The tea warehouse completely separates the tea leaf from the water, inverts the tea bottle, and puts the tea cup upright when drinking.

Subvert tradition, invert tea bottle

Taste your own tea ceremony follow your heart

When making tea bottle upside down, the time of making tea can be controlled according to personal preference and the concentration of tea soup can be adjusted.

Keep fresh at medium temperature, drink healthy and good taste

Farewell to the traditional tea brewing for a long time, the natural heat of the tea warehouse is kept fresh, and each cup is fresh tea.

Yue Business Vacuum Cup7

balanced absorption, real health

Tea is brewed many times to make the polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients evenly precipitated, and the body absorbs them evenly.

Tritan material observation window

Compared with the glass, there is only a transparent viewing window at the top, which makes the health more private .

Double Medium Temperature Fresh-keeping Tea warehouse

It is made of food grade PP material, resistant to high temperature of 120 °C, safe and non-toxic。 It can be subjected to high temperature steam for durability.

SUS304 stainless steel cup body

It passed the inspection and certification of authoritative institutions, and conforms to the "national food safety standard" of high quality food grade stainless steel.

K-lock 360°watertight

A new generation of K-lock water-locking structure, with 360 ° layer by layer fastening, has good sealing performance.

Yue Business Vacuum Cup3