Seize the air can be a high ground! ISH exhibition!

On May 22-24, ISH China&CIHE2018 China Heating Exhibition was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. Over 1,600 square meters of high-quality HVAC exhibitors spread over 10 theme pavilions to tens of thousands of professional Chinese and foreign exhibitions. HVAC audience introduces new products and displays boutiques! In this exhibition, Raynew Energy brought a full range of enamel storage hot water tank products such as “coal to electricity” special products, integrated air energy water heaters, and energy-efficient air energy water tanks to the W4-25A exhibition hall, showing “heating +” to the industry. The preferred scheme of comfortable living hot water has attracted many domestic and foreign professionals to stop and observe and consult, and the scene is hot.

In the future, Gomon New Energy will adhere to the water tank as the core, do a good job, and develop more water tank products that meet the needs of domestic household water and heating in many regions, and bring differentiated products to the industry customers in the context of consumption upgrade. .