Closed Loop(Indirect) Solar System

Product Description

Open-loop systems are simply and fast way of water heating. They are best suited to warm climate regions because of operating directly with potable water. Open-loop systems are not recommended in regions where water quality is not good enough.

How It Works

It adopts the water-water circulation type. Heat adsorption membrane on the flat plate absorbs the solar heat to heat the water in the heat collector directly. deliver the heated water to the upper part of hot water storage tank via circulation pipe and unheated cold water in the lower part flows into the flat-type heat collector as supplementation.Then cold water is heated and delivered to the hot water storage tank.The circulation of water repeats till all water in the water tank is heated to the specified temperature.

Technical Parameters


ITEMS P-JF2-150/2.0/0.6-KP-JF2-200/2.5/0.6-KP-JF2-300/4.0/0.6-K
Flat PanelQuantity112
Gross area2.15 m22.68 m22*2.15 m2
Aperture area2.0 m22.5m22*2.0m2
Cover material Tempered glass
CoatingBluetech selectivity coating from Germany
HeaderCu 22mm
RiserCu 8mm
Rear wall insulationMineral wool plate
Side insulation Polyurethane plate
TankActual Capacity150L200L300L
Diameter *LengthΦ520*1273mmΦ520*1633mmΦ520*2353mm
Inner TankSteel BTC340R
Inner CoatingEnamelled
Heat exchangerJacketed shell
Outer TankColor Steel
Insulating materialRigid polyurethane foam
Insulation thickness50mm50mm50mm
operating Pressure7bar
Corrosion protectionMagnesium anode
Electric ElementIncoloy 800(2.5kw,220v)
TP Valve7bar,99℃(water mark approved)
FrameMaterialAluminium alloy


Detail Description

thermowatt electric element 2

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Screw-in thread type heating elements designed for plug-in & quick assebly with Thermowatt Stem thermostats

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Highly Sensitive With Water Mark Approved

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves is suitable for Installing at the Pressurized solar water heater, gas heater, electric water heater, water heater of fuel, heat pump water heater , sensitive function heater, etc. various kinds of heaters( such as the boiler) and hot water containers . The valve will be opened at the set temperature(99℃) and pressure(7bar) to protect the water tank.

pt valve
inner tank without heat exchanger 2

Enamel Water Tank Brings You Healthier Water Quality

"Baosteel" special enamel steel plate & "Ferro" enamel powder

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Perfect enamel adhesion protect water tank from corrosion

Pass 280,000 times pulse testing under 0.9Mpa pressure

√ Inner release: when the pressure in the tank is 0.015Mpa bigger than inlet pressure, there is little water released to inlet pipe.

√ Outer release: when the pressure in the tank is more than 0.75 Mpa(if the pressure of the valve is 0.7Mpa±0.05Mpa), the water will come out from the drain pipe to protect the tank.

√ Manual release: if you want to drain out all water in the tank, you can take out the screw and pull out the plastic handle to 90 degree, then the water will come out.

√ Anti-reverse: the vavle is one way, it can prevent much water flowing back to inlet pipe.

one way release valve