No Coil Solar Tank

Product Description

The No Coil Solar Tank for open loop solar thermal applications are designed for the storage and heating of good quality water in warm climate regions. In an open loop solar system potable water is allowed to contact with the inside of the storage tank and solar collectors,and so are not ideal for hard water conditions.Stored cold water in the tank is passed through solar collectors,where it is heated before returning to the top of the storage tank.

Technical Parameters

Product model150L200L300L400L500L
Net volume(L)146L195L292L390L490L
Inner tank diameter(mm)φ426φ480φ555Φ610φ610
Outer tank diameter(mm)φ520φ580φ650Φ710φ710
Total Height(mm)1371mm1731mm1616mm1726mm2076mm
Material of inner tank(mm)BTC340R 2.5BTC340R 2.5BTC340R 2.5BTC340R 2.5BTC340R 2.5
Material of outer tank(mm)Color Steel 0.5Color Steel 0.5Color Steel 0.5Color Steel 0.5Color Steel 0.5
Insulation thickness(mm)47mm50mm47mm50mm50mm
Connections3/4'' female thread3/4'' female thread3/4'' female thread3/4'' female thread3/4" female thread
Electrical element (kw)

Detail Description

pt valve

Highly Sensitive With Water Mark Approved

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves is suitable for Installing at the Pressurized solar water heater, gas heater, electric water heater , water heater of fuel, heat pump water heater , sensitive function heater, etc. various kinds of heaters( such as the boiler) and hot water containers . The valve will be opened at the set temperature(99℃) and pressure(7bar) to protect the water tank.

Backer Brand Electric Heater With Over 60 years Of Experience

Screw-in thread type heating elements designed for plug-in & quick assebly with Thermowatt Stem thermostats

Wide range of solutions available

backer electric element
inner tank

GOMON enamel coated inner tank applies BAOSTEEL special enamel steel plate and America Ferro enamel powder. It is produced by advanced processes including flexible CNC rolling technology, America plasma automatic welding and Germany rolling enamel technology. It passes 280,000 times’ pressure impulse tests, with good performance of anti-pressure, anti-fatigue, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-corrosion and anti-hot water corrosion, which guarantees its service life.

The 59T and 66T series controls are designed to meet the high electrical capacity requirements of electric water heaters. Both use a temperature sensitive bimetal disc to deliver snap-action to the contacts. The speed and force of contact separation provides long-dependable control life at high
electrical loads.

√ Welded construction, used on all internal current-carrying components for greater electrical integrity.
√ The 59T mounting tabs snap into the customer's bracket to mount the thermostat on the surface of the tank.
√ The trip free manual reset 66T limit control is available with non-adjustable calibrations from160°to 235°F (71° to 113°C).
√ The 59T has an adjustable range of approximately 60°F (33°K). The lowest adjustable limit is 90°F (32°C) and the highest adjustable limit is 200°F (93°C).
√ Controls are 100% operation checked.

pt valve
drain valve

Proper water heater repair and maintenance requires you to drain your water heater from time to time. The Everbilt 3/4 in. Brass NPT x Male Hose Thread Water Heater Drain Valve offers a durable, high quality replacement that will provide years of service. This valve has brass construction for durability and resists rust and corrosion. The tamper proof valve will help guard against opening the drain valve accidentally.

√ Durable material resists rust and corrosion

√ Allows draining of water heater for prolonged life span

√ Tamper proof, no accidental discharge


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