Commercial Electric Water Heater

Product Description

GOMON Electric Commercial water heaters are available in 150L to 500L capacities and are the most efficient water heaters available.

Rigid foam insulation covers entire tank for maximum efficiency. Bowl-shaped tank bottom drains completely for easy service and sediment removal. Lower titanium heating element for superior resistance to lime buildup. Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve offers added protection. Offers 5 year tank and 1 year parts warranty for installation in Commercial buildings.

Technical Parameters

Out/Inner Tank DiaΦ520/Φ426MMΦ580/Φ480MMΦ650/Φ555MMΦ710/Φ610MMΦ710/Φ610MM
Rated Pressure7BAR7BAR7BAR7BAR7BAR
Pipe DimesionG1" Femal ThreadG1" Femal ThreadG1" Femal ThreadG1" Femal ThreadG1" Femal Thread
Element Power14.4/28.8KW14.4/28.8KW14.4/28.8KW14.4/28.8KW14.4/28.8KW
Tank SizeΦ520X1284MMΦ580X1357MMΦ650X1507MMΦ710X1643MMΦ710X1991MM

Detail Description

electric element

INCOLOY ELEMENTS – Are low watt density and installed into every
model to operate more efficiently and last longer

Highly Sensitive With Water Mark Approved

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves is suitable for Installing at the Pressurized solar water heater, gas heater, electric water heater , water heater of fuel, heat pump water heater , sensitive function heater, etc. various kinds of heaters( such as the boiler) and hot water containers . The valve will be opened at the set temperature(99℃) and pressure(7bar) to protect the water tank.

pt valve

Enamel Water Tank Brings You Healthier Water Quality

"Baosteel" special enamel steel plate & "Ferro" enamel powder

Integration of world advanced rolling,welding,roller enameling technology

Perfect enamel adhesion protect water tank from corrosion

Pass 280,000 times pulse testing under 0.9Mpa pressure

Proper water heater repair and maintenance requires you to drain your water heater from time to time. The Everbilt 3/4 in. Brass NPT x Male Hose Thread Water Heater Drain Valve offers a durable, high quality replacement that will provide years of service. This valve has brass construction for durability and resists rust and corrosion. The tamper proof valve will help guard against opening the drain valve accidentally.

√ Durable material resists rust and corrosion

√ Allows draining of water heater for prolonged life span

√ Tamper proof, no accidental discharge

drain valve